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How Twitter & the #1 Rule of Improv led to a surprise meeting
June 6, 2009, 8:53 pm
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Any actor who has taken any kind of imrpov training, knows that the #1 rule of improv is always “yes…and.” It means that you accept whatever your partner says and keep the conversation going.

Well if you follow me on twitter, then you may have read the following tweet earlier today:

Put together the idea for my next vlog. Any actors out there want to help me film it?

Within a few minutes I get an @ reply from @GirlSascha saying:

Possibly! Details?

Now @GirlSascha and I have never spoken on twiter up until this point, and I didn’t even know she was follwoing me.

I checked out her profile and saw that she is an actor living in Los Angeles, and decided to say yes…and.

Yes….and to an opportunity to connect with an actor who is outside my current sphere. Yes…and to partnering with someone else who is interested in being proactive about their career. Yes…and to making a new friend.

We exchange a couple of direct messages back and forth and then finally decide to connect via email after I return from a tweetup BBQ.

I arrive at said BBQ and am being introduced to the people already there.

“Hey guys, this is Seth,” said the host

“Seth?” says a voice from across thw patio. “Were you and I just…”

And sure enough it was @GirlSascha at the same event. None of us had ever met offline before, and here we were at the same party.

So whatever opportunities come up in your career pursuits today, consider saying YES…AND and see what happens. You may be one tweet away from your next gig.


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