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Vlog 2.26.09
February 27, 2009, 12:01 am
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With a special sneak peek at End Result (Summer 2009)


February 26, 2009, 5:16 am
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To be honest – this social media stuff is exhausting (and I often provide my own commentary as I write).

I’m struggling right now to find some kind of balance to integrate it into my everyday life. When I set out on this “journey” I was only aware of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the iceberg that this is.

It’s its own culture.

And when I say culture, I really mean that. There is an entire generation (what am I 90?) and personality type that are naturally, instinctually, effortlessly drawn to this.

I recognized very early on that I needed some help and I’ve been talking a lot with @lkr. (To find out who this is, you’ll have to join Twitter. Just kidding – partly)

@lkr is Laura Roeder and she’s a social media consultant in Venice, Ca. We connected through Twitter, and have established an offline friendship. (Which I may loose after this post) We sat down before my trip to Vegas and I asked her what were some things that I should be doing to step it up the social media world. So she gave me homework (How I love homework). Let’s see how I would grade myself today.

  • “We need to get you posting more” – I get that. If I’m going to have a blog and I want people to read it, then I need to be writing on a regular basis. So I did. I had three posts go live during my trip to Vegas. But, I was trying WAY too hard. Seriously, do I need to be teaching anyone about Twitter at this point? No. What I need to be doing is sharing the resources that have taught me what I have learned. Last week was good, but it’s already Wednesday and this my first post of the week: B- (for inconsistency)
  • “You need to be commenting on the blogs you read.” – Social media is all about interacting, connecting, community. I can’t build those things if all I do is consume. I can read a bunch of differnt blogs, and twitter posts – but until I start entering into the conversation then I am just an observer. I have made an effort to comment on at least 1 blog per day, and start using the @ replies on Twitter more often. (Still takes me a while to get through all the ones that I want to read though): C (for average quantity)
  • “Make use of Twitter between posts” – If you are on Twitter and you follow me – then you know that I love to tweet. However, with my new job, I don’t have great Internet access during the day, and I also got an email from @lkr earlier this week reminding me to tweet more. (FTL) This morning I had an interesting conversation with @epeureka about how I am using my tweets. So today, I made an effort to really look at what is going out to the ENTIRE feed, and what are @replies. (I did find it interesting that Twitter will update my FB status with any tweet that is not an @ reply, even a RT or DM): C+ (average quantity, quality was lacking)
  • “Set aside 20 min. a day for dedicated writing time.” FAIL. I have not done this at all. And I think this is where the balance comes in. For example, (here come the excuses) I sat down to write this post, but wanted to check Twitter first….45 minutes later…I am finally writing. I’m working several jobs right now, have a family and am pursuing acting everyday. My schedule is packed so tight that I feel every minute spent. (done?) But I recognize that it can’t be an excuse. If I’m serious about doing this then I will find the time to do it. (Grade for today): F (for being annoying with all the excuses)

However, given all the grades – I would say that my performance during the last couple of weeks has been FINE. I’ve learned some stuff and have at least made some progress.

But, to borrow from one of the best-written shows on television, Grey’s Anatomy:

Fine? Fine? I am [Seth Caskey], I am better than fine.

I see what needs improvement and how I can take it up an notch. And as any student during the early 80s knows – “Where There’s A Will, There’s An A!”