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what am i missing?
June 18, 2009, 8:59 am
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Well, if you follow me on Twitter, no doubt you have read about my difficulties with iMovie over the last week. (Hence the reason for this written post as opposed to Part 2 of the Actor Survivor Kit Challenge)

So now that I have kicked iMovie to the proverbial curb, I am undertaking the challenge of learning Final Cut Express. I know Final Cut is more widely used in the industry but there are times when I want things to be easy, and up until last week iMovie was just that. But enough ranting. I will return to my video posts as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a story. As the title of this post suggests, I feel like I am missing something in my career right now.

Story: Last summer as I was training for my first marathon, I was testing what foods would give me the most energy to tackle my long runs. Each Friday, Erica and I would “carb up” on something new and evaluate how it effected our run. On one particular night, I opted to try a new cereal. (I love cereal and could eat a whole box in one sitting – which is just what I did) Did I mention that this particular cereal was made with flax seed?

“Hmmm…..that has a nutty flavor. Interesting.” Not fully knowing the digestive benefits of flax.

So the next day on my 16 mile run, the benefits start to become abundantly clear. Oh boy.

If you have ever run with me, then you know that I DO NOT like to stop, but in this case I was willing to make an exception. It was necessary. So, I decided that I would keep running and stop at the next bathroom.

…….I kept running.

No bathroom.

…….Kept running.

No bathroom.

WFT! We’re training in Grifith Park for the love – there has got to be a bathroom somewhere!!

16 miles later, I end up back a home base and high tail it (pun intended) to the bathroom. After taking care of things, I come out to rant about the fact that in 16 miles I didn’t see one bathroom.

Well to my surprise, not only did I run right past a bathroom. I ran past FOUR! (This was confirmed on my drive out of the park that day.)

So WTH does this have to do with my acting career? Well, if you’ve ever talked with me, then you know that I DO NOT like to stop. I am so focused on achieving my acting career goals that I inevitably keep myself so busy that I run right past some of the things that I need most.

The goal of training for a marathon is to learn from whatever experiences you have during your runs. So today, I am going to slow down and try to learn from whatever is going on in my “career run” to find out what it is that I’m missing.

And even though I want to throw my computer through the wall because I can’t get this video to edit – if I slow down, take a breath and allow myself to be, I might be surprised at how much I see.